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Asoproaaa - Black Honey Costa Rica

Asoproaaa - Black Honey Costa Rica

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"deep sweetness of honey, tangerine and grapefruits with subtle boozy finish"

This coffee comes from the Tarrazu region, renowned for producing excellent quality coffee. 95% of the coffee in this region is classified as SHB. The region's climate is unique, characterised by 7 consecutive months of rain (May to November), followed by 5 months of dry weather (December to April). The flowering period extends from November to March.

Cultivated nearby the coop, the coffee cherries are harvested during the dry season then delivered to the ASOPROAAA association. They are dried on African beds and turned regularly to ensure optimum and uniform drying conditions.

Asoproaaa Co-Op

This association was created in September 1998 and now has over 1,200 coffee and citrus fruit producing family members in the areas around Acosta, Jorco and Palmichal. The organisation effectively supports an entire community of producers, providing financial, commercial and technical assistance for all its members and implementing programmes to improve the living conditions of producers and their families. ASOPROAAA has played a decisive role in boosting agricultural production in the region by guaranteeing a quality product range and excellent production traceability. By working with producers of all sizes, the association has been able to diversify its range and offer significant volumes of coffees with specific profiles as well as small producer lots.

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