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Alaka - Washed Ethiopia

Alaka - Washed Ethiopia

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"intense flavors of rose water and lavender, muscat bubblegum. "



Alaka is the name of a village located at an altitude of about 2,000 metres in the woreda of Hambela, in the Guji appellation. It is here that METAD took over the management of a beautiful coffee forest just over 5 years ago. The area is known for its majestic trees of numerous species. Their shade, combined with rich soils, contribute to the production of a rare quality of coffee. The cherries are harvested by METAD, then dried in the sun on African beds.


The Producer

Metad was created at the initiative of a family long involved in coffee production, since the grandparents of its founder, Aman Adinew, were themselves coffee producers and traders. Before Metad, Aman Adinew was President of the ECX (Ethiopia Commodity Exchange). 

He created Metad with other members of his family who were American citizens, but who, like him, had chosen to return home driven by a desire to develop an efficient, quality business. Aware of the potential shortcomings of the Ethiopian coffee sector, they have chosen to promote remarkable coffees while focusing on traceability, ensuring better recognition of the products of their region.

METAD supports various local social and environmental projects. It organises regular training courses and pays coffee farmers advances, making their situation more stable. The group has also distributed over 600,000 coffee seeds to the farmers it works with. More generally, METAD has helped to build roads and provided funding for new primary schools, covering all expenses for 800 pupils (equipment, teachers’ wages, etc.). It offers scholarships for 105 disadvantaged students in the region of Gedeo, and runs projects aimed at supporting farmers’ wives, particularly in terms of disease prevention and screening.


Technical Infomation

Region : Guji

Variety : Heirloom

Process : washed

Altitude : 1900-2250 masl

Producer : Metald


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