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Terrazas del Pisque - Anaerobic Natural Ecuador

Terrazas del Pisque - Anaerobic Natural Ecuador

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Experimental coffee with complext sweetness. Clean and juicy with notes of ripe strawberry, complex sweetness and sparkling citrus acidity when it cooles down!


This is Arnaud Causse, the mastermind behind Las Terrazas del Pisque.
In this incredible farm, Arnaud has created an ecosystem from A to Z.By planting a forest in the middle of this arid and desert area to shelter his coffee trees with more than 25 different tree species, some of which are endemic, beehives for the production of honey, many honey plants that are used for produce essential oils to treat coffee trees naturally but also so that bees can take up residence there, fruit trees which have become a refuge for birds, leguminous plants which enrich the soil with nitrogen.

These solutions to crop diversification, shade, natural treatment and soil enrichment allow him to grow his coffee with 0 pesticides. Arnaud juggles preparation processes and varied experiments. His background as an agricultural engineer and his international experience in coffee growing make him a unique producer.


Technical Information 

Region : Pichincha

Variety : Bourbon

Process : Anaerobic natural

Altitude : 2000 masl

Producer : Arnaud Causse

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