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Sitio Canaã - Natural Anaerobic Brazil

Sitio Canaã - Natural Anaerobic Brazil

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Incredibly sweet and clean coffee with notes of ripe tropical fruits, ripe strawberries, funky notes of rum, and dark chocolate.

Farm Story

The Sitio Canaã farm is located in the region of São Paulo in the Divinolandia terroir. When he began producing coffee, João Hamilton wanted above all to produce large quantities using conventional methods, involving the use of chemicals. Gradually, the producer became aware of how his methods were impacting not only the environment but also the quality of his coffee. 

Today he places the focus on quality production. He has used different processes since joining the Bob-o-Link project, initiated by the FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza). The aim is to achieve the best possible coffee quality while respecting nature, by engaging in sustainable agriculture, reforesting areas surrounding water sources, recycling waste, avoiding the use of toxic fertilizers and herbicides, and being a source of new inspiration and hope in coffee production. 

Since 2010, the farm has built African beds to improve drying. 

The Producer

The Sitio Canaã farm, located in the region of São Paulo in the Divinolandia terroir near the town of Caconde, is owned by João Hamilton. The producer is aware of how his farming methods impact the environment, and so he calls his practices into question to produce coffee differently. Today, he no longer thinks in terms of quantity but in terms of quality, which is why he no longer uses agro-toxic chemicals.


Technical Information 

Region :Sao Paulo

Variety : yellow Catuai

Process : natural anaerobic

Altitude : 1200-1350 masl

Producer : João Hamilton

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