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La Arada - washed Honduras

La Arada - washed Honduras

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"Clean and elegant coffee with delicate notes of white florals, fresh nectarine, lime, and white tea finish"


Mario Flores owns a farm located in Poso Negro, Masaguara, Intibuca. The farm is 5 hectares in size, with 4 hectares of growing coffee. He grows the variety of Catuai on rich, clay soils, at 1700 masl. The harvest in this area runs from January to April, and the production of this farm is 45 bags per year.
Mario was 13 years old when he began growing his first coffee plants. He mentions that it used to be a game he played, imitating adults. At this time, he was in 6th grade, so he used his free days and after-hours to attend to his plants.

Over time, he started making an income and was able to plant more coffee trees in 2014. One year later, he planted 2700 additional coffee trees, reaching a total of 10850 coffee plants. When the coffee is harvested, only the ripest cherries are selected. They de-pulp the cherries on the same day and leave them to ferment for 48 hours. The coffee is then washed with clean water, and then taken to dry in a solar dryer for approximately 22 days. Mario makes sure that the farm stays clean by using a
machete, and uses fertilizer to ensure healthy soil for the next harvest.
"I am very happy I can sell my coffee as a microlot, and thankful to my buyer for selecting it", he says.


La Arada - Intibuca Project

Nordic Approach has recently partnered with a group of 60 producers in the community of Pozo Negro, located in
the municipality of Masaguara in Intibuca.
These producers have organized themselves into a group who come together to learn and share knowledge.
They elect a chairman every year who, for several years running, has been Wilmer Alexis Grau Montoya.
They hold regular meetings, to organize themselves and their production and to support each other in improving
the quality of their coffee.
This group of producers is making an enormous effort, and reinvesting in their infrastructure on their
wet mills, drying facilities, and back into their
production. This is an exciting development, as it
allows for greater traceability and separation of high
quality micro-lots, and is by no means ordinary for
Honduran coffee producers. Our aim in working with
This group is to find a stable market for these
coffees, and to assist them in further developing quality,
and increase the amount they earn for their coffee over time.


Technical Information 

Region : Intibuca

Variety : Catuai

Process : washed

Altitude : 1600-2000 masl

Producer : Mario Flores

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